Touch your heart tập 6

Touch Your Heart Live Recap 6, Image via tvN

Today we should find out how this huge court case is going to lớn end. I have to admit, the court cases are my least favorite part of this show. I love all of JinSin/YoonSeo’s moments & especially love her anger outbursts. I also love Moonhee & her bleeding heart. I hope she ends up with the divorce lawyer!

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Jinsim tells Jungrok that she has khổng lồ tell him something, but she is not going khổng lồ say it now. However, the emotion she felt right now, she will tell him some time in the future. She turns và walks away. He wonders, what is she talking about? Does she lượt thích samgyupsal?

He calls her name.

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JR – Oh Jinsim, vì you like….

YS – Well! I like! I think so….but if you ask me something like that suddenly… did you know I like?

JR – Usually people like it

They go through this back & forth for a moment with her thinking she has khổng lồ say that she likes him but him thinking that he wants to lớn ask her if she likes samgyupsal. Finally, she figures it out & tries to lớn save herself by pointing in all sorts of directions for the nearest samgyupsal restaurant. She smiles & giggles and says that she likes samgyupsal.

So they agree to lớn go lớn the nearest one together and start walking off.

Jinsim is a bit upset again that he is so clueless about things. He tells her that she must really lượt thích samgyupsal, she says Yes, I Really like It A Lot! He tells her that he developed his senses in reading people as a lawyer.

They start lớn talk about dating experience. He asks her if she has good dating experience. She says yes! I was in the dating coffee cửa hàng variety show (she was this in real life). She says that she was good at discussing dating problems, my nickname was….

JR – Natural born soloist (never dated)

She asks, huh? He finds something on his phone và shows it khổng lồ her. It is a news article that talks about love councelor Oh Yoonseo that has never dated anyone before. It is a big issue, the PD says that it should be difficult và all new to lớn her since she never experienced it so she reads the script all night và tries khổng lồ give good tips to the viewers, so lets appreciate her efforts.

Jinsim tells him lớn stop reading it! So he stops. But he calls her a natural born soloist và tells her lớn eat some more.

Cut lớn them driving khổng lồ her place. He tells her that they need khổng lồ plan. Jinsim thinks it is because they need to plan their counterattack. But she is confident in his abilities, he is the best lawyer she knows. He asks how many lawyers she knows. She is all like, nevermind that, you are the best. Fighting!

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At work the next day, the CEO meets with Jungrok to lớn talk about the last trial on this case that had the jurist. People thought that the mood flipped when they found out that she would recieve 4-5 million dollars. If we get a no guilty plea then we will be criticized. People on the internet and peoples rights groups are all on her side, you know that? If we chiến bại this case then no one will give us a job, what should we do? I don’t want to give you pressure though, don’t be pressured.

Jungrok starts to lớn leave, but the CEO is so nervous and asks what they can do? We only have 4 lawyers here including me. I borrowed so much money from the bank! I had a big dream for this firm! If we fail this then we will owe a lot of money!

Jungrok tells him not khổng lồ worry, someone told me that I will win & I also agree with that person, so just wait for me. He leaves. The Yeon wonders, who told him that? Did he go to lớn a fortune teller? Hopefully it was a good shaman.

Later on, Jungrok and Jinsim look for cases that can help them while in his office. He says it is because there are no cases like this one that proved self defense (or something similiar). He tells her that she can go home now since it is late. He will stay there.

Jinsim gets a hotline from her manager. She calls him Oppa và says that she told him that she will go home by herself today, you don’t need khổng lồ come oppa & don’t worry oppa. Okay I can leave now oppa. This gets Jungroks attention. Jinsim excuses herself khổng lồ leave & heads out. But then Jungrok meets her at the elevator & tells her that they should go trang chủ together.

She asks if he still had all those things lớn do, he says that he can bởi vì them tomorrow. He wants to keep the work hours. But then they hear a big BAM & the elevator shakes. Jinsim asks what they should do! Jungrok presses the emergency button & tells them that the elevator stoped. Jinsim is so worried.

Her manager calls her và asks why it is taking so long so she tells him that the elevator stopped oppa! Dont’ worry oppa! If something happens then I will điện thoại tư vấn you oppa. Jungrok looks lượt thích he is steaming in quiet jealously. Jinsim hangs up và asks Jungrok what they should do. He lists how many injuries were reported last year related to lớn elevators.

JS – Why are you telling me that scary thing!

Then the lights turn off & Jinsim freaks out even more. Jungrok tries to hold her by the arms in a reassuring way & asks if she is okay? They nói qua a moment as they stand like that, then the elevator doors open.

They leave & the manager rushes in lớn see why she was working so late and if she is okay. He then tells Jungrok that he is working his Jungrok too hard. He says “my” Jinsim. Jungrok is all lượt thích “my” JUnSim?

Jinsim has khổng lồ hurry her manager off by the arm & starts lớn hit him at the car. Why didn’t you wait in the car! He says that he worried about her being trapped in the elevator. She says that she was not alone, she was with the lawyer. But the manager says that is why he worried about her, just in case he did something dirty! Every Korean man should be attracted to you! He is a man!

JS – Well, yes that is true, but nothing happened

The manager starts khổng lồ ask her if she really is going to lớn continue being a secretary? It has been so long already. Did you really decide this? You have a passion for real acting! I will help you! No more bad acting okay! Fighting!

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Meanwhile, Jungrok thinks about the Jinsim calling her manager, oppa. He broods about it.

JinSim goes trang chủ and starts lớn dream about the elevator stopping & how her heart was fluttering. She giggles khổng lồ herself on her bed.

The next day she sits at her desk and thinks that she is a super sexy workaholic. Then Jungrok comes in so she asks him if he would lượt thích a coffee. But Jungrok says no, your boyfriend said I shouldn’t work you too hard.

Jinsim is all like, Noooo, he is just a cousin like oppa that takes care of me when I drink và thinks. So don’t misunderstand that. Bởi you really not want a coffee? Jungrok lightens up and says that he wants just one coffee.

Meanwhile, CEO Yeon talks lớn Eunji in the break room about some coffee beans she brought from home. She likes it since they only have the mixeed coffees there. He tells her that she is better than him, lets drink this và have a one day dream (play on words with coffee beans and big). Jinsim comes in so they both great her and asks about working late yesterday, did anything happen?

SHe is all like, huh? He brings up that the elevator broke. Theguards told me that people were trapped, a man and a woman were in there and were about to lớn kiss! Jinsim is all like, what! Maybe they did not try to kiss. Eunji asks who they were? Yeon says he also wonders. The guard ajusshi said that man was tall & the woman was pretty like an entertainer!

Jinsims world is crashing in on her. She is about to lớn walk away but then Eunji calls her name. JinSim quickly tells them, it wasn’t me and the lawyer! It wasn’t us! We weren’t the ones kissing in the elevator! CEO Yeon is all like, of course not. We all know that. Eunji says that she just called her to remind her to lớn take the coffee.

Jinsim gets it & leaves. Then Eunji và Yeon start khổng lồ talk about how any two people trapped in an elevator would develop feelings for each other. Cut to lớn Moonhee and Yoonhyuk getting trapped in th elevator, lol!

They both freak out as if their world is ending. But then they realize who they are in the elvator with. Choi tells Moonhee not to fall in love with him. He makes a funny face so she won’t. She is all like, THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Then the elevator shakes again so he falls on her. She punches him away & he falls to lớn the floor on the other side. She looks pretty remorseful about it because he is holding his cheek in shock and looking at her.

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Elsewhere, Sewan works in his office and starts lớn talk khổng lồ his colleague about the trial that has a jury (juries are not common in Korea). She says that she heard Yeorum & the defense lawyer are friends, but she is going so far. Is she really cold blooded like that? There is a rumor that she has an under the table khuyễn mãi giảm giá that she can go anywhere she wants if she does well on this case. I knew she had a big passion but I did not know that she would go this far.

Sewan tells her to lớn just stop, I don’t want lớn hear about it anymore. She asks why, you are done. He angrily asks, why are you deciding if we are done or not!

he leaves and goes lớn get a coffee at a nearby cafe. He sees Yeorum there so he buys her something và tells her that he thought she needed something sweet. She says that she is busy so he agrees that she has khổng lồ say something like that. She starts looking over her report again. He tells her not khổng lồ look at something like that in a place like this. She is not interested in anything he says. She gets up and leaves.

She goes back to lớn her office và works. Her secretary gives her some more information và tells her that she thinks everything is going in their favor. The lawyer is not doing anything so maybe they vị not have any answers, it might be difficult to get self defense. Though Yeorum thinks they should not be too relaxed about it.

In the law office, Jungrok tells Jinsim that he will be back. Jinsim asks where he is going? lớn meet your client? he is going to im Yooni’s house because, from the report, he can’t understand something và needs to see it in person. Finding his own evidence is a lawyers job. There is a saying, If there is no evidence in the report then the scene has the answer.

Jinsim asks if she can go, she thinks she might see something that he wont see. She also shows that she studied a lot and wants to lớn help him anyway, so can I go also?

Cut to them both arriving at the house. The crime scene tape is still up. Jungrok asks Jinsim if she really is okay? Jinsim says she is okay, she played a detective before so she is used to it. Jungrok tells her that dramas and real life are very different so you should stay close to me.

They go inside, he tells her to lớn watch were she steps. There is blood splattered all around. Jungrok checks the images on the report lớn the real images. Jinsim asks about it. He says that these are the blood spreading marks, when you stab someone and remove it then blood will spray everywhere. You can analyze the blood marks & see the position of the victim & aggressor. Kim Hyuntae was stabbed while standing.

Jinsim asks what that means. He says that if it was an accidental stabbing, then the aggressor would be lower but Kim Youngtae was stabbed standing. The prosecutors think this was a planned murder, she intended to vày it.

Suddenly, someone runs up và hits Jungrok in the back of his head! Jungrok falls to the ground và Jinsim screams. The man runs away. Jungrok tells Jinsim that he is okay & then hurries off for the person that tdid that. He catches him and asks, who are you!

Soon after, we see the police hancuffing this man & putting him in the car. Jinsim runs up to see how he is. She is so concerned about his wound, especially since he is still bleeding on the back of his head. He pulls her aside from the onlookers và says that he is okay. He says that he has khổng lồ write up the report on what happened.

She frets and tells him that is not in a hurry! Then she tries lớn clean off the blood between sobs. He tells her that she should be very scared. She says that she is okay, you should go lớn the hsopital after your report first!

Jungrok calls a taxi to talke Jinsim home. He watches the taxi leave for a moment & then heads off.

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Yeorum gets a call about the intruder.

Jungrok goes to the police station lớn give his report. The police ask if he is okay with his injury? Then they tell him that this man is a neighborhood guy và thought that Jungrok was a robber. He is part of the volunteer police. His mother owns a butcher shop. This man also looks like he might be mentally handicapped. Jungrok goes to lớn talk lớn this man.

The man is fine talking to him though he talks in his own chất lượng way. Jungrok wants khổng lồ ask if he thought I was a robber & if he went there before. The man says that noona told him that he should not tell anyone. Jungrok wants to lớn ask about this, but then Yeorum comes in. She asks if he is okay, he says he is. Then Yeorum asks if this man is the one that was at the scene?

They both leave. Yeorum asks if he is really going khổng lồ let him go lượt thích this? Jungrok says it was just a misunderstanding. The police thank him for his understanding & the man leaves as well bowing his thanks and walking away.

yeorum gets in her car & calls someone in order to search about Park Soomyoung.

Jungrok wants a background check on Park Soomyoung as well.

They he runs into Jinsim. He is suprirsed to see her & asks why she did not go home. She says that she was so worried about him so she did not go home and turned the taxi around. She thinks they should go khổng lồ the hospital, the doctor can decide if you re okay or not. Lets go. Now, now!

They go to lớn the hospital. The doctor tells him that he does not need khổng lồ worry, it is just a little concussion. Jinsim tells Jungrok that she is relieved at the news.

He drives her home. She tells him that he didn’t have khổng lồ drive her trang chủ since he was not feeling well. He tells her he is okay again & reminds her that she went khổng lồ the hospital with him. Jinsim says that it was not about him, she went there because of herself. It bugged her that she left early. He says that it bothered him that he sent her off alone. That is why I wanted lớn bring you here, so don’t worry. Today was surprising, so dont’ worry about me, just rest.

She tells him khổng lồ rest as well, he should be surprised too. So don’t worry about work anymore. Promise me. He says he will & they pinky promise. She tells him that he promised her so he has khổng lồ keep it.

She hops out of the car & heads in. He waits for her lớn enter her gate then looks at his pinky finger và smiles. She also smiles as she walks away.

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Jungrok gets home to Sewan cleaning. Sewan does not want Jungrok và Yeorum lớn be against each other. Then he sees that jungrok is injured và wonders who did it. Jungrok says it is nothing and goes khổng lồ his office lớn think. He remembers back lớn talking with the man about how noona told him not to tell anyone.

Jungrok tells CEO Yeon about it. Jinsim is in the room, too. They think that this man could be a possible witness. Jungrok asked Dooseob to lớn background kiểm tra him. Yeon tells Jungrok lớn work hard, but not hard enough to get injured. Jinsim is all like, yes, that is what I am talking about! They start khổng lồ talk about how Jungrok got hit. He says he is a good fighter and can take a lot, she tells him that he wasn’t hit properly và still went down right away.

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CEO Yeon starts lớn talk about dealing with drug dealers in a case & getting attacked by gangsters. In that case, two gangsters sued each other and blamed each other. Because of my righteousness và good ability, we won. The other gangsters had 14 men with a grudge. 17 of them attacked me! I won with only my fist! vì chưng you know the secret? My balls! I was not scared in any situation. Kwon is smart, but he doesn’t have balls. Kwon basically tells him lớn shut up.

Meanwhile, Dooseob is scouting the man that might be the witness. He sees him leaving a store and talking with a man. Dooseob goes up khổng lồ the man and asks him if he is friends with the witness? The man says that the witness had one sided love with the woman so he met her all the time. Dooseob asks if he went khổng lồ his house on the day of the crime? The man says yes.

Dooseob goes back and tells this to lớn everyone.

Flashback lớn the witness running of khổng lồ the defendents house và passing the man on the street. He actually told him that he was going to lớn noona’s house.

Jinsim thinks he might be the witness. But Jungrok thinks he might not be only a witness.

Meanwhile, Yeorum interogates the witness about the case. She asks questions to lớn him, but he starts talking abotu things out of context like where he should deliver meat. Yeorum ends up telling her secretary that this man is a witness, but he might not be helpful to lớn them. If he says something lượt thích how hard the violence is against lặng Youngi then that is not good for us. The secretary says that she heard they were good friends, so yeorum tells them that they can release him.

In the law office, Jungrok is about to head out. Jinsim tells him khổng lồ eat some ginseng. She tells him lớn eat it in front of her. Right now. So he does. She asks if it is good and says that she got it for him because he is weak. He says that he is not weak, you didn’t see it yesterday because you were shocked. He hit me properly, normal people would be nocked out but I stood up và followed him & caught him, so dont’ say I am weak. I can hotline you on defamation.

She lightly says that she is the one that called the police & went lớn the hospital with him & brought this genseng, wow, you are too bad. He says that he doesn’t mean it, but it is a scary thing so you should be reserved in saying those things. She tells him okay, be careful. He heads out. She frets about whether something will happen today.

Jungrok goes to meet the defendant and asks about the day of the crime. You were injured, so how did you stab someone twice & kill him even though he is much bigger than you?

She says that she just thought about surviving, that is all she thought about. He says that this is not that simple. It is not like a movie or TV, a knife is difficult lớn penetrate the body toàn thân because of bones. SO people who stab someone for the first time in their life usually injure their hands.

She hides her hands.

He asks if he knows Park Soomyoung (the witness). She says that she knows him, he works at the butcher shop. Jungrok mentions that he heard they were good friends, the majority of your neighbors say so. She says that is nonsense, she would not be friends with him.

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In the law offices, CEO Yeon talks about how he is so nervous. Then Jungrok comes in so he hops up lớn great him. But Jungrok only wants lớn talk to Dooseob. CEO Yeon says that Jungrok has no manners, but he might have a secret weapon!

Jungrok asks Dooseob if he tried to lớn convince the witness khổng lồ come khổng lồ the trial? Dooseob says he tried, it was difficult. Jinsim asks if she can go with Dooseob to try và convince him. He agrees. But he tells her that he thinks she should not go lớn the trial today. A lot of reporters will be there today, much more than last time, so it should be uncomfortable. She says okay và then tells him that she thinks everything will go well.

The new trial starts. The witness watches from his mothers butcher shop. He sees noona on the TV and starts crying. It looks lượt thích he wants to do something so he runs out. His mother asks where he is going? He should go deliver!

He runs up the street and runs into Dooseob và JInsim. Jinsim ends up talking khổng lồ him on a park bench.

JS – vì chưng you remember me? Back then, I saw you. I was next to the lawyer that you attacked. I was really angry. The person you hit is the person that I like. Someone I like got injured, I was so mad.

Man – Sorry, sorry, sorry.

JS – You shuold understand how I feel. You don’t want someone you love khổng lồ get injured or khổng lồ have a hard time.

Man – I dont’ lượt thích it! I dont’ like noona lớn get hurt!

JS – If you don’t say something then noona will suffer more. If you dont’ vì chưng it today then you will not be able khổng lồ see noona for a long time.

The man starts khổng lồ think about it.

Meanwhile, the court case continues. Protesters are outside arguing for self defense. Inside yeorum talks to an expert about the blood marks. This man has a different opinion about the blood marks. If you have lớn stab the victim with all your effort, then you will get this blood mark.

Yeorum is done with questioning.

Jungrok starts questioning him.

JR – How much does the blood mark show?

Man – We know what happens on the scene

JR – Did you find a blood mark on lặng Yooni also? You did not find it on her clothing, is that true?

Man – Yes

JR – So that means that there is a possibility that she is not the murderer?

Yeorum – I Object, that is a fishing question

Judge – I deny it, please continue.

Man – it is possible

Then the witness comes in. Jungrok says that he has a new witness request. The judge says that they did not request it, so why now? Jungrok says that this man went lớn the scene of the crime. He is the only witness lớn the case or he can be another suspect. Can you grant it?

The man takes his seat.

JR – Let me ask you a request, can you write your name?

JR – Are you right handed for writing or eating?

Man – yes

JR – you live with your mother a butcher, right?

Man – yes

JR – You vì chưng the delivery but you vì chưng not cut the meat, your mother does right?

Man – yes

JR – So you never use a knife

Man – Yes

JR – So, when did the injury on your thumb happen? You went to lớn her house khổng lồ deliver meat on the day of the crime, right?

Man – yes

JR – From the report, on the day of the crime you went lớn the emergency room và were treated for a 3 centimet cut on your thumb. I submit his medical report for evidence. Usually, when a normal person stabs someone, the knife does not penetrate easily so they can easily be injured on their hand. The prosecutor trusted lặng Yooni’s confession & did not prosecute Park Soomyoung. They wanted lớn cover up this case from the begining due lớn the big issue that it caused. They did not investigate the truth of the case. I am asking you. On that day, who killed Kim Youngtae?

Yeorum – I OBJECT. At the site of the crime we did not find any trae of Park Soomyoung (the witness). He is tricking us. This is all based on his imagination.

JR – What the prosecutor submitted as her crime evidence is only the confession & autopsy report. But the autopsy report does not match the confession. As the prosecutor says, it does not make sense for a woman with an injury that requires 9 weeks to heal can stab a man lượt thích that. Park Soomyoung went khổng lồ the site of the crime that day & had a cut wound on his thumb. Yên ổn yooni says that she killed him, but she is not in a condition that can bởi it. I have one more question, who killed Kim Youngtae.

Man – Well, who stabbed….him….who stabbed him….

Defendent – NO DON’T SAY ANYTHING (a guard starts khổng lồ pull him away)

Man – Don’t hit noona! I did it, I stabbed him! She was getting hit that day. Noona was getting hit. I walked in và saw it. That day. Noona.

Flashback lớn her husband beating her, she was a bloody mess. The witness tells the husband not to vì it. She tells him to run away. The witness sees a knife in the kitchen. The husband hits her again.

Man – I did it. Noona was getting hit every day. Every day. I did it.

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After the court case, the defendent leaves, she is swarmed by reporters. The defendent says that she wanted her husband to lớn die, so it was like she killed him. The news says that there was another person to commit the murder. They found the clothing he wore in his house as well.

The law team watches this all in the office. Moonhee và Yoonhyuk have their playful banter back and forth about it & then Jungrok comes in They all cheer & the CEO hugs Jungrok. Yeon wants lớn celebrate, but Jungrok says that he wants lớn rest. Choi is all like, we can vì chưng it anyway! The CEO has to lớn tell him that there are no parties without the main person your celebrating, think about it.

Jungrok goes back khổng lồ his office và sees Jinsim there. She tells him that he should be very tired. He asks for her lớn go to a restaurant with me.

They eat potato porkback soup (gamjaetang). This is the place she said she wanted khổng lồ eat earlier when she was caught in the begining of the show. So they go lớn this place lớn eat. Jinsim tells him that he does not look that happy. She thinks it is strange because he is usually happy lớn win. Is this about Yeorum?

He says that is part of it. But, yên Yooni confessed for Park Soomyoung. Park Soomyoung murdered someone for Park Yooni. I understand everything so I can’t just be happy. He starts to lớn pour his drink. She garbs it và pours his soju for him and then they toast & drink together.

JR – thank you so much

YS – For what?

JR – For telling me I was going khổng lồ win & worrying about my injury more than others

YS – It was nothing….by the way, I hae a question. You said you were tired & don’t need lớn go drink. Why did you want to drink soju with me?

JR – Today, I just wanted to lớn drink with you và me only.

She smiles happily & he does too.

he starts to pour his own soju, she touches the bottle which shows that you should not pour by yourself. He smiles & they drink some more.

Afterward, they walk up the street. She says that it is colder than expected & then starts laughing. He asks why she is laughing.

JS – This reminds me of the day we went lớn the botanical garden. Back then you told me, when my hands are cold I should put them in the pocket. I misunderstood và put them in your pocket. That was so embarrassing. I was in a lot of dramas so sometimes I am not realistic. You don’t have to give me your pocket because my hands are cold.

He lightly holds her hand and then puts it in his pocket.

JR – I worry about you. As much as you worry about me và comfort me….I want to vị that now.

She looks at him questioningly.

Fade Out

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Aw, man. I didn’t want the friend to lớn get in trouble. The plus side is that it was self defense (or something like that?) và he does have a mental disability so his sentence should be light. Argh, why vị they have to lớn have all these serious cases lớn kill all the fun out of this show! Can’t they just have fluffy cases or money laundering cases or something?