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In a February edition of Radio Times, James Blunt responded to lớn a question about the girl he sings about: "The girl in question is my ex-girlfriend and she"s with her new man. I"ve always said that I haven"t seen her since and then the press tried to lớn find her. I"m not bothered enough lớn start acknowledging or denying whether they found her."
This tuy nhiên reached #1 in its seventh week on the UK chart và after no less than four weeks in the top 3, a rare feat in the UK where chart toppers usually go straight in at the top of the chart.

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James Blunt quý phái this at Elton John"s civil partnership ceremony to lớn David Furnish on December 21, 2005, the first day same-sex unions were allowed in England và Wales. John và Furnish got married exactly nine years later, once gay marriage was legalized in England.
Back lớn Bedlam sold 2.37 million copies across the UK in 2005, making it the year"s top-selling album.
In the video, Blunt jumps into the sea without a shirt. This can be seen as a suicide, as it goes with the last lines of the song, "But it"s time to face the truth. I will never be with you." The clip"s director, Sam Brown, disagrees & says the act is really about moving on. Blunt had khổng lồ train with a diving instructor to lớn make the 50-meter (164 feet) leap into the water, which he did twice before cutting his foot.

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On the unabridged album version of this song, Blunt sings:She could see from my face that I was f--king highIn the radio edit (and also the video), this was changed to lớn "flying high," when puts the tuy nhiên in a completely different context: instead of being high on drugs, he is simply thrilled lớn see her.Blunt told sự kiện magazine: "I"m afraid I do use "f--k" a lot. It"s a very adaptable word. In "Your Beautiful" I have the line "f--king high," và the record company asked me khổng lồ remove this swearword. I did try putting in "particularly" and "especially" instead, I decided that they really aren"t suitable substitutes for my favorite word."
Blunt performed this on a 2007 episode of Sesame Street as "A Triangle." Apparently, Blunt has a thing for the three-sided shape. Sample lyric: "It must be those angles put a smile on my face, not to lớn mention the hypotenuse."
In an interview with Q magazine February 2008, Blunt was asked about the photo of a pill on the cover of the Back to lớn Bedlam
CD. He explained: "It"s a ceramic pill about a foot long that I found in Carrie Fisher"s house, where I lived when I recorded both albums. It said "Prozac" on it but I changed it, obviously, to say trăng tròn milligrams of James Blunt. I just thought it looked cool."
The Daily Record March 22, 2008 asked Blunt if he was bored with this quái vật hit. The singer-songwriter replied: "If I had the radio on all the time và they kept playing that song then yes, I"d probably turn it off. But vị I still lượt thích the song? Absolutely. It"s a really personal song about a moment which meant a great giảm giá to me. And I"m sure plenty of guys have seen their ex-girlfriend with a new man at some stage. It bites into you & I captured that in a really honest song. I love that tuy vậy for capturing that moment. I"m saddened by what it reminds me of, and I appreciate what it did which is advertise an album I"d made."
Back to Bedlam was the biggest-selling album of the 2000s in the UK. Dido"s No Angel was the second most popular, và Amy Winehouse"s Back khổng lồ Black the third.
British Songwriter & producer Sasha Skarbek had been helping James Blunt develop his songcraft for a while when the pair sat a piano one day in LA. During that session they developed this tune from a basic sketch into a complete tuy vậy in just three hours. "It"s strange that the songs you become known for tend lớn be the ones that come so quickly that you almost question it," Skarbek reflected khổng lồ Q magazine June 2012.
According to lớn the Daily Telegraph, Blunt quý phái this during the marathon 2008 All the Lost Souls tour 213 times in 58 countries in two months.
The ubiquity of this song caused some problems for Blunt, who told the British tabloid Hello! in 2014:"There was one tuy nhiên that was force-fed down people"s throats - "You"re Beautiful" - and it became annoying. Và then people start khổng lồ associate the artist with the same word."Blunt added: "I think, at the end of the day, I was marketed by a record company to lớn appeal lớn women during Desperate Housewives commercials and you thảm bại 50 percent of the population in doing so. The kinh doanh also painted me out as an insanely serious person, an earnest person and, as all my friends know, I"m anything but. I have a couple of over-emotional miserable songs that I"m known for, but I think it"s turned that corner now. People can see I don"t take myself that seriously."
Director Sam Brown shot the music video atop a cliff in Mallorca, Spain. He used a rain machine to lớn create a dreary atmosphere, but it was actually a warm summer day that was ideal for Blunt, who had to strip off his clothes in the clip. The shoes he removed weren"t his, though. The director lent his own shoes lớn the singer because Blunt liked them so much.
The song"s co-writer Sacha Skarbek told Hit Quarters what songwriting lessons he shared with the singer: "When James & I first started working together although he had enormous potential - a great ability with lyrics & turn of phrase - he didn"t necessarily have all the songcraft - the understanding of how arrangements work or of how hooks are important & how they work. So not just the technical side but also in how to get your message across - when lớn make things simple and when khổng lồ allow a little bit more imagery. I think that was what I was able lớn offer him at that stage."

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Lbs from UsaSo what happened to the plan? He said he had a plan.Mandy Pandy from OhioI always sing this song to my dog.AnonymousI’m sorry but regardless of how it came about for the lyrics in this song its still a beautiful song and a sad tuy vậy . It can easily be portrayed in different ways.AnonymousJames blunt wrote this tuy vậy about his ex girlfriend he seen her on the subway she was with her new man, but they seen each other và shared a moment that would last till the kết thúc but didn"t vị anything about it that"s why he says I don"t think I"ll see her again but it"s time to face the truth I will never be with you, it"s very difficult lớn face the painful truth now isn"t itAndrea from australia Mmmmmm this is really Interesting, I love the song although I never thought it as "sweet lãng mạn " as more heartbreaking romantic & it still tears me up when I hear it lớn this very day.Rich from Lake Wylie, ScIn a recent interview with the Huffington Post, James said:Everyone goes, ""Ah, he"s so romantic. I want "You"re Beautiful" as my wedding song."" These people are f*ked up... "You"re Beautiful" is not this soft thắm thiết f*king song. It"s about a guy who"s high as a f*king kite on drugs in the subway stalking someone else"s girlfriend when that guy is there in front of him, and he should be locked up or put in prison for being some kind of perv.Matthew from Toronto, OnA maudlin, unexciting song, painful at times to listen to. But it was fun seeing Blunt perform the tuy vậy wearing a pair of wellies (what the English gọi rubber boots) at the Glastonbury festival và then strutting about backstage still wearing them. I had khổng lồ admit I had a new cấp độ of respect for them once I saw that.Adrian from Johor Bahru, MalaysiaThe accompanying tune is probably copied from the Lonely Man, the theme from the Incredible Hulk TV series.Ferenc from Budapest, HungaryTraditionally in old hungarian folk songs especially the ones from Transylvania the lines repeated I dont now about old english or irish ballads may be we witness an old tradition lurking back & using it againAlexandre from Santos, BrazilI just don"t know why so many people seem to lớn enjoy picking on James Blunt. He"s by far one of the greatest musicians of his generation. His songs are meant for those who love, want to love & wish lớn be loved. Albertoni, Bairro da Aparecida, Santos, Brazil. June 2, 2008.Maladiq from Ploiesti, RomaniaIt is not the best song ever (personaly i prefer i don"t want to miss a thing as the best love tuy nhiên because it takes the words out of my mouth), but it is a very good one.I bet many of those who say he has an annoying voice also think this about opera player. What James and the opera players have in common is tehnique. I"m not saying he is better than the opera playiers, but before judging try at least to sing as good as him. You can"t do that falsetto, so shut up;)Carmelc from Sydney, NsDespite some of the negative comments james Blunt has been given,he definately knows what he is doing yes he does have a plan và obviously whatever it may be,it most certainly is working.And whether your saying james blunt in a negative way or a positive way your still knowing his name now aren"t you?I say brilliant good for him keep it up.its definately getting results.Krys from Warner Robins, gai dont know wy so many people say he can"t sing. He is a brilliant singer, he takes falsetto to lớn a new levelVincent from Bucharest, RomaniaIt"s a huge tuy nhiên .Simply perfect.Richel from Santa Ana, Cait"s shameful how those idiots would judge james blunt by this one song...well sure, go ahead..but have you heard all of his OTHER works, you fool?..unbelievablenevertheless, this song is in a league of its ownKelly from Wilmington, NcThis tuy nhiên is beautiful. When you listen lớn the first bit, "My life is brilliant," that could literally mean great, but I always take it in the sarcastic sense-he sees his ex on a subway with another man, "Oh isn"t my life just brilliant?" Everything else is pretty much explanitory. Has anyone else ever thought this?Alefiyah from Muscat, Otherhis voice is different & i think quite good.i like singers with a diiferent typr of voice not routine.-alefiyahMike from Falmouth, MaOne more thing, chances are when Weird Al wrote "You"re Pitiful" more than likely it was james blunt himself that gave him the inspiration. Face it, the guy"s pitiful.Mike from Falmouth, MaThis one the single most annoying songs i"ve ever had khổng lồ put up with. With all due respect to lớn our armed forces, this guy sounds like he had his balls removed. As a rock radio dj, i ALWAYS skipped over this tuy vậy for the sake of the listeners. Their ain"t nothin" beutiful about this tune. Adam from Sydney, Australia......2 minutes since my last post và I"ve already penned a better song than this. You see, it"s that easy folks!Adam from Sydney, AustraliaOh, & I encourage everyone out there to start writing songs, because all of us can have a successful music career if this chimp can.Adam from Sydney, AustraliaOh, and how did he ever make the army? my grandmother could snap his neck!Adam from Sydney, AustraliaJames Blunt, my favourite cockney rhyming slang for the female reproductive organs which, incidentally, are far more attractive than him. How did this guy get a record deal!Laura from London, EnglandMy friend was killed in a car accident three days before my birthday, & this was her favorite song. I hated the tune (the lyrics seem conceited. He doesn"t know this girl at all, but he wants her just because she is good looking? No thank you) but after she died, it has become my favorite song. The lyrics describe it perfectly, because Grace was a beautiful person, and I don"t know what to vì because I will never be with her again, and I miss her more than anything. Pxlism from Alkol, WvActually, when I first heard this, I really thought it was a song redone off of one of Elton John"s old music, because it sounded so much like him. Well..at least I think so. Lol.Summer from Murfreesboro, TnI think it"s a wonderful song, but something still bugs the tar out of me. Why does James Blunt sing that first line twice? I thought when I first heard it that he just started the tuy vậy prematurely & it was a goof, but then I hear him vị that every time he performs this. Is it a British thing? Did James purposely write it that was because it has special significance in the song? Or is a goof they kept in because they thought it sounded kinda cool?Jackie from San Diego, CaPlease don"t judge him on this tuy nhiên because some of his other songs are way better. (maybe that"s just because it"s played to lớn much on the radio, as others have said)and it might sound crazy but i love his voice it"s really what makes the song amazing.Racine from Truro, MaHas anyone heard "You"re Pitiful" (Weird Al"s spoof of "You"re Beautiful)? It"s one of the funniest things I"ve heard this year!Steve from Burkburnett, Txi like the concept of it. I dont listen lớn mainstrean music enough so its not overplayed in my opinion. Its a real "down lớn earth song"Trinity from Dl, MnIt is a sad day when a man can make a hit tuy vậy with a voice like that.Brittany from VirginiaGAH! He doesn"t sound like Rod Stewart. Và I have to lớn agree with everyone who has said it"s overplayed. I"m tired of hearing it by now.Doug from Balintore, Scotlandthe lyrics for this are just terrible in that "being sick all over the closest person" kind of wayBianca from Windsor, Canadathis is th best tuy vậy ever!! I can so relate khổng lồ his last line "But it"s time khổng lồ face the truth i will never be with you" it"s so beautiful i wish it wasn"t played on the radio so much though because then it becomes old really fast! Jordan from Toronto, CanadaDefinatly among the most annoying songs out there. Heard it in my dentist"s office, I would have ran if there weren"t sharp instruments in my mouth. Chris from Derwood, MdThis man is a potheadJc from Auckland, New ZealandIf you ever saw "Rove Live" the guy said that this tuy vậy is just wierd because he said imagine if you were the new boyfriend...they played the tuy vậy and he said sonething after each line..OMG it was SO funny...He says things lượt thích "Stop busking và stop looking at my girlfriend!!" & after Jame Blunt sing "Cause ive got a plan" he says "Yeah and that plan should be to go away!!" Bit offensive for Jame Blunt và his fans but its just so funny!!But anyway...i dont really lượt thích the song.. His voice is a little not my style..I rather like the Wisemen song...heheAnindya from London, FranceI think the tuy vậy is fab!!.. James Blunt is reallly cute!!.. Tuy nhiên rocks!!Matt from Marion, IaWow. Another one of those cool songs that would be a lot cooler if đứng top 40 radio didn"t run it into the ground. Oh well. I find it touching (or maybe I"m a sucker for those sad-but-sweet songs...)Caitlin from Upper Township, NjThe song is pretty & io like the lyrics and music, but i really don"t lượt thích James Blunt. He just has a very annoying voice. I would love it if this tuy vậy was done by somebody else.Spencer from West Milford, NjI like the song. My Dad thought it was Rod Stewart. It is very over played. I lượt thích itAmay from Edison, NjDon"t like the tuy nhiên too much...Like a really annoying Rod Stewart.Troy from London, EnglandThis is the most over played tuy vậy in years, everyone in the UK is sick lớn death of hearing it và his winey tones. It is, however very apt that his name could be rhyming slang...Terry from Northampton, EnglandWhen i first heard this song (about 2 months before it was released)i thought "thats not much of a song." By the time it was released i had heard it about 50 times & it had just simply grew on me.It actually became a great song.I wanted it to get to no.1,but it didnt,then it did.What a surprise after being so long in the charts.By this time of course,i had heard it 100 times.One of the best songs this century.Benoit from Paris, FranceYes, I, too, think he sounds like he a little girl, a falsetto...or an silly teenager. I definetly cannot stand his voice, and switch channel everytime I see an advertising about him on french TV. He looks/sounds incredibly foolish and astounded...In my opinion, the lyrics are "flat" : how annoying/incredibly banal khổng lồ many (in my country, at least, presuming it"s everywhere about the same!) females is the "you"re beautiful" (!!!) sentence to lớn listen !!! to lớn how many girls we love would we say "you look awful" ??I don"t think he can even be compared to lớn (great!) Rod Steewart, and about "sentimental" songs, I find Colplay, from far, much more mature and inspired.I wonder why he seems to lớn be so successful : maybe because, unlike too many others so called "artists", Blunt makes real music, but nothing more...just casual music.Sorry for people who lượt thích him (we all are không tính phí to lượt thích or not), but I still find usual compliments made about him oversized !Parmonie from Westfield, MaHe DOES sound lượt thích Rod Stewart! When I first heard it on the radio, I thought it was. Then I saw the video..Phil from Niagara Falls, CanadaThis song became very annoying. Overplayed. It sound lượt thích his nose is pinched when he says "your beautiful". Also, MadTV made fun of this song and the video, they parodied itYusuf from Mumbai, IndiaJames Blunt has a very different kind of a voice.I think he sounds good.This is an amazing tuy nhiên ,absolutely love it.The video is also very good.His other songs lượt thích goodbye my lover và wisemen are also goodJessica from Orangeville, CanadaJames Blunt sounds like he is a little girlBrandy from Seattle, WaI cannot stand this song!!!! I"m not for the whole falsetto thing. His voice makes me want khổng lồ gauge out my eardrums.AnonymousAh yes, the falsetto is back, for the first time since when? Biz Marikie on "Just a Friend"?Bob from San Diego, CaAt the beginning of the tuy vậy he mentions how he won"t thảm bại any sleep over the girl being with another man "cause Ive got a plan." The tuy vậy seems to lớn go on and contradict that line because he repeatedly says "I dont know what to lớn do." Judging from the video, it seems like suicide is the plan. Still a cool tuy nhiên since I think that is an optional interpretation of that lyric. Rick from Humboldt, IaIncredible song.see more comments