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If you go west on Route 8 out of Wevertown NY, about five miles past the Eleventh Mountain trailhead, you’ll find a parking area near the confluence of Shanty Brook and the East Branch of the Sacandaga River.

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From there you can catch nice glimpse of Shanty Cliffs và begin hiking toward the outcrop that hovers 700 feet above the road. This past weekend I was with former DEC forest ranger Steve Ovitt, looking for a hike that would let us enjoy the peaking foliage.

We started by walking down to lớn the river for some easy, beautiful views. Then we phối off up the west side of Shanty Brook.


We bushwhacked & herd-pathed our way lớn the summit coming around to lớn it on a relatively gradual route. Leaves were peaking & the views were stunning.

The rock faces of Shanty Cliffs are really clean, and there are vị trí cao nhất anchors for climbing on the most obvious routes. I could see the appeal of climbing outdoors.


From our perch, the East Branch, blue Hills, Corner, Moose và Harrington Mountains were all right in front of us.

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This country was in Steve’s territory when he was the ranger for the Siamese Ponds Wilderness. As we looked out he told me tales of every drainage in view.


We spent the better part of a hour eating lunch & taking it all in from the top. Then we dropped down to check out other outcroppings.

Eventually we worked our way down to the base of the cliff lớn see what climbers would see at the kết thúc of their approach. The most notable feature from the bottom, was a huge overhanging boulder at the đứng đầu of the wall, not visible from the top. Underneath it was a huge raven’s nest that clearly gets used year after year.


Eventually we followed herd paths that, according to Steve, are new in the last fifteen years. Over that time Shanty Cliffs was added to a climbing book và has become a popular route.

I’ve recently just started climbing in a gym, mostly because my 8-year old digs it. I started out assuming I’d never really climb outdoors, but seeing Shanty Cliffs, from top & bottom, made me wonder it there would be some easier routes that I could attempt. Someday.