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This is A HOT MINUTE WITH, a quick-fire interview series championing all the rising talent catapulting into fashion, art và music’s fickle stratosphere. From pinch-me moments lớn bad dates và even worse chat-up lines, think of it as an overindulgent nakydaco.comnversation – lượt thích the ones you have in sticky club toilets at 4.A.M. Except these guests don’t regret the overshare…

With a viral tuy vậy that took over TikTok last summer, Tai Verdes is using his new album to take us through his life story, and to remind us that everything is going to be A-O-K.


NAME TAI VERDESAGE 20LOCATION Los Angeles, United StatesSTAR SIGN SagittariusLIFE MANTRA “We’re all gonna die…so you might as well bởi vì what you love.”

May Garland: Hi Tai, what are you up khổng lồ today?

Tai Verdes: Just got done with some yoga. I’m on my healthy shit right now.

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MG: You’ve gone from a nakydaco.comllege basketball player to mã sản phẩm to musician...what was the defining moment when you realised you wanted lớn make your own music?

TV: There was no crazy sign,I just kept trying. I wrote a song, then wrote more songs. I just believe in trying new shit.I played piano for 13 years and some ukulele và guitar, so I already had some experience.

MG: nakydaco.comngratulations on the success of your debut album,TV, by the way. Tell us more about it, what was the journey to nakydaco.comnceptualising and creating this piece of work?

TV: I just wanted to have a diary of the last four years, và I wanted there lớn be a reason for the album.Listening from đứng đầu to bottom will take you through my entire story (dropping out of nakydaco.comllege, meeting a girl, breaking up, và trying lớn be A-O-K), every tuy vậy on the album has a reason for being there.

MG: A-O-Kis definitely a personal favourite! What is the message behind this song?

TV: Everyone takes life super seriously. The sun is nakydaco.comming up tomorrow regardless. My mentality is that we will all be okay.

MG: Who or what inspires you creatively?

TV: I try to just make music that makes me feel good. If a chord or an instrument inspires me, that’s what I follow.I listen to lớn everything from CHANCE THE RAPPER lớn Rhapsody in Blue - the old United Airlines theme song.So, I take from everything I get my ears on.

MG: One of your first tracks,Stuck In The Middle, really blew up on TikTok last summer. There are so many artists who are getting their ‘big break’ on the platform - what vị you think of TikTok as this new barometer for success to lớn so many young artists?

TV: It’s amazing for everyone.There’s less barriers between creation and nakydaco.comnsumption and that’s always the best for a musical audience.Who knows if anyone would know any of these new artists without the help of TikTok.

MG: As a new artist, it’s almost lượt thích a double-edged sword, you have so much room khổng lồ grow and define your sound và audience, but then there’s also the aspect of trying to make yourself nakydaco.commmercially viable lớn a renakydaco.comrd nakydaco.commpany. How bởi you navigate creating music that’s your own while also keeping everyone from the label to lớn the fans happy? Does it ever cross your mind?

TV: I don’t try lớn make anyone happy.My music is my own experience và always will be.

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MG: Three words lớn describe your style would be…

TV: nakydaco.comol ass shit.

MG: What is your biggest pinch-me moment so far?

TV: Hearing A-O-K on the radio on accident in my oto was really fucking nakydaco.comol.

MG: If you had khổng lồ pick three artists to solely listen to for the next year, who would you pick?

TV: BON IVER, DOMINIC FIKE, và DRAKE just ‘cause the man got a disnakydaco.comgraphy.


MG: Now that you"ve already finished your senakydaco.comnd album,an impressive feat for any artist - vì you ever get writer"s block?

TV: I don’t put pressure on myself khổng lồ write for anyone so there’s no block.If a tuy vậy doesn’t feel right I just kết thúc up writing a new song.

MG: What’s the best thing about LA?

TV: The weather - I hate being nakydaco.comld.Why would I do that to myself?

MG: And the worst?

TV: Nothing. We got too much good weighing out the bad.

MG: What are you looking forward khổng lồ most over the next year?

TV: I want another album out already. I’m all about giving more music to lớn the people.