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Bigbang is Currently on Hiatus

Bigbang is the legendary Korean boy-group put together by YG Entertainment. The group has been promoting for thirteen years, & is still a force in the Korean entertainment industry, even though they have been on hiatus since 2018, due lớn various members fulfilling their military obligations.

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As a goodbye lớn their fans, Bigbang released the single Flower Road on March 13, 2018. “Flower Road” mix a record in China, reaching over a million sales in 3 days và 14 hours, the shortest amount of time for a Korean artist. The song also placed on the vị trí cao nhất of Billboard’s World Digital Songs Chart, & the Gaon Digital Chart, where the tuy vậy recorded the highest digital index of the year thus far.

Don’t worry, VIP (the name of Bigbang’s fans)! As Yang Hyun-suk, the CEO of YG Entertainment said that Bigbang will come back in two or three years again, just be patient! Even so, true fans miss the group a lot. So, to lớn reduce your longing for Bigbang’s return, we’re sharing some of Bigbang’s appearances on variety shows, especially Running Man! Make sure you keep reading!

Bigbang and Reality Shows

Since Bigbang has been in the entertainment world for quite a while, they’ve appeared in many reality shows over the course of their career, such as Weekly Idol, Happy Together, 1 Night 2 Days, và the reality show that YG Entertainment produces itself, like Run, BIGBANG Scout!

One reality show that must include on the các mục is Running Man! Running Man is a nearly legendary reality show, because it’s games are better than those on most other reality shows và because it’s been running for almost 9 years. Click the next page to see Bigbang’s appearances on Running Man.

Running Man Appearances


Bigbang was a guest on Running Man several times, either with the whole group or select members, or just one member at a time. The list of members’ appearances is made up of episode 30, which had Seungri on Running Man, episode 35, Camping Special Pt. 1 (w/ Daesung), episode 36, Camping Special Pt. 2 (w/ Daesung), episode 84, Big Bang VS Running Man, episode 85, Big Bang’s Revenge, episode 156, Attack of 2NE1 (Taeyang was being a Cameo), episode 163, Big Bang’s Princess, episode 170, The Wizard of Oz Race, and episode 250, Dashing Through Time.


In 2012, on the 84th episode of Running Man, Bigbang arrived at the show by helicopter. In this episode, Bigbang & the Running Man members had to lớn race to fight each other for name tags while they tied the bells lớn their shoes. The game was divided into two parts & each person took turns wearing a bell on their shoe.

Seungri lied, saying that he was a spy khổng lồ gain the trust of the opposing team, but in the end, the other team found out that he was a liar. G-Dragon was fooled many times, và he was ashamed of it, & Kwangsoo and Jong-kook were hostile lớn each other, which ended up with them ripping apart their name tags.

Meanwhile, the 85th episode was a continuation of the previous episode. In this episode, it was Bigbang’s turn to lớn wear a bell in their shoe while chasing after the Running Man members. Kwang-soo và Jong-kook were still hostile lớn each other. G-Dragon, who was upset with HaHa, trying to lớn avenge him, while Seungri & Daesung cooperated lớn beat Ji-hyo.

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In the middle of the race, Bigbang used a magic ring to điện thoại tư vấn Jong-kook and succeeded in eliminating him, và HaHa was invaded by all the members of the boy group. Because the game ended with the teams in a draw, they had to lớn fight one by one to determine the winner. Who is the winner, you ask? If you want to lớn know, you should watch the two episodes. You can watch the video clip below.

The 250th episode, Dashing Through Time, should also be included on your watch list. In this episode, both teams had to go through the floor, which is set lớn have a rotating carpet, break through the plastic with their heads, & voice the sound of bells lượt thích a clock for the first game.


Taeyang & Daesung had lớn stop on one of the rotating rugs after they ran towards the plastic clock. TOP, who arrived first, had lớn sacrifice his hairstyle & break through the plastic. Jong-kook, who tried to lớn protect GD, was bitten many times by Jaesuk. Likewise, Haha, who tried to lớn stop Taeyang, had his finger bitten by Taeyang’s. This first trò chơi was won by the Bigbang team.

In the second game, they had khổng lồ play basketball on the river. The team with the highest score in the predetermined time frame would be the winner. In the middle of the game, Gary wanted lớn steal Jihyo’s attention, because he seemed fascinated by the Bigbang members, but his attempt failed after he didn’t make his layup. Here’s a link, below, if you want lớn see the fun of this episode.

Funny Moments


You already know that the Bigbang members are naturally funny. So, of course, they did some funny things when they were guests on Running Man. Here is a compilation đoạn phim of some funny moments from Bigbang on Running Man.

At the beginning of the video, you can see G-Dragon và Seungri dance with some funny movements. Taeyang, who was trying hard khổng lồ escape, ended up being arrested by HaHa & Gary. You can also see how the Bigbang members were trying hard to finish a mission on a spin board.