Just when you thought that universally over-exposed record-breaking viral phenom Psy và his "Gangnam Style" was about lớn die out, it somehow made its way into the second episode of HBO"s Pacquiao/Marquez 4 24/7.

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As the mc of Pacquiao"s young daughter"s birthday các buổi tiệc nhỏ announced that Manny will be performing a song with his daughter and friends that he selected, I honestly thought to lớn myself oh man, will this be a new remix of "Sometimes When We Touch?"

No, it was even more cheesy than that. It was "Gangnam Style," the unexplainable earth-shattering phenomenon viral hit that just can"t seem die out, or even slow down for that matter.

Recently, the Korean rap star broke a major milestone record when his đoạn clip "Gangnam Style" became the most watched đoạn phim of all-time on YouTube with over 805 million views & rising by the tens of millions daily!

"Gangnam Style" was already the most liked clip of all-time on YouTube back in September with then over two million "likes" on the video.

Psy has appeared everywhere from the MTV Awards, Saturday Night Live, Ellen và even a very legit smash up with former dance master MC Hammer at the American Music Awards.


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So where else can "Gangnam Style" be found?

Well, because of Manny, HBO"s 24/7, an award-winning reality series, known for having great classic music và inspirational soundtracks to better grasp the drama of the fighters training camps can now be added to lớn the ever expanding list of things that "Gangnam Style" has been part of.

"Gangam Style" also has numerous copycats & versions done by everyday people to lớn major famous celebrities.

Manny Pacquiao actually has a few Gangnam Style performances floating around YouTube that have reached hundreds of thousands of views already as well.

However Manny Pacquiao"s dance moves unfortunately vì chưng not seem lớn be all that great. As you can see in his Gangnam Style videos, he seems to be off-beat and even forgetting the choreography and basic dance moves which makes him not in sync with his own set of backup dancers who all seem khổng lồ have the actual dance moves down.

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Let"s hope his moves inside the ring against the great Juan Manuel Marquez are much more sharp và graceful when they square off for the fourth chapter of their rivalry next Saturday, December 8 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas on HBO PPV.

But how can one of the biggest boxing stars on the planet one-up his out-of-the-ring nemesis Floyd Mayweather next Saturday?

Well, Floyd Mayweather surprised many when he had the former YouTube most viewed record champion, Justin Bieber, walk him into the ring for his bout last May against Miguel Cotto.

I personally figured out that Floyd was going lớn have the Biebs walk him into the ring, as I made the bold prediction via Twitter just days before that fight.

As soon as Justin was seen holding one of Floyd"s belts & walking him to lớn the ring, many of my followers on Twitter gave me props for calling it like it ended up happening.

So, Manny can one-up Floyd this time by having the newly-crowned king of YouTube, Psy, walk him into the ring, which will guarantee a ton of buzz for the Filipino Congressman fighter.

It might seem crazy và random, but Psy pretty much has already shown up virtually everywhere else imaginable, so I would not be surprised if Psy was seen dancing và rapping his way to the ring for the Pac Man on December 8.

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