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Working in the same industry for years, Kim Soo Hyun and IU are just two of many Korean celebrities who have a genuine friendship inside và outside the entertainment industry.

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On Jan. 27, singing sensation và actress Lee Ji Eun, popularly known as IU, released her latest song "Celebrity." và throuh this, her agency EDAM Entertainment started the Celeb Challenge. This new challenge involves creating và compiling photos that artistically shows your natural self behind the glitz and glamour appearance of being a celebrity in social media.

Kim Soo Hyun Joins the "Celeb Challenge"

On Feb. 4, the "It"s Okay to Not Be Okay" actor Kim Soo Hyun shared on his official Instagram tài khoản a short video video clip showing his behind the scenes photos throughout his career as an actor.

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He gave a sneak peek of his simple yet happy life at the filming sites of his previous projects.

In a simple clip, fans of IU và Kim Soo Hyun were overwhelmed lớn see the genuine friendship between the two stars.

Kim Soo Hyun and IU"s Friendship: How it All Started

International fans started lớn show their tư vấn by commenting khổng lồ Kim Soo Hyun"s post. They are overjoyed lớn witness the warm support of Kim Soo Hyun khổng lồ his long-time friend IU.

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Later on, the actress even commented on his video, saying, "Wow, such good handwriting," pertaining khổng lồ the "Celebrity" word written on the introduction of the video. She also left emojis of roses on the phản hồi section.

Their xinh tươi interaction made a buzz in the online community.


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They started their friendship when they both starred in the 2011 school drama "Dream High" and were able to lớn work again in năm ngoái through the drama "The Producers." Kim Soo Hyun also had a special appearance in one of IU"s dramas, "Hotel Del Luna" in 2019.

Despite their busy schedules, IU và Kim Soo Hyun always have their ways to support each other in their chosen career.

Kim Soo Hyun to Make Drama Comeback; IU to Return to lớn the Silver Screen

Meanwhile, the two will also have upcoming projects this year. Kim Soo Hyun is expected khổng lồ return on the small screen and star in the newest drama "That Night" alongside actor thân phụ Seung Won. This will be his next project after following his 2020 drama "It"s Okay khổng lồ Not Be Okay."

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IU has been confirmed to lớn have her comeback on the big screen with back khổng lồ back movies. First is at Koreeda Hirokazu"s upcoming film "Broker." In film "Dream," she will be working with Korean hearthtrob Park Seo Joon.

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