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On her special day today, we take a look at the times Ku Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho made our hearts flutter.

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Happy Birthday, Ku Hye Sun! bởi vì you remember the adorably quirky & lovable Geum Jan Di from 'Boys Over Flowers'? Ku Hye Sun put spunk and spark in the character of Geum Jan Di, a feisty young girl who locks horns with the rich heir of The Shinhwa group & the leader of F4, Gu Jun Pyo, played by Lee Min Ho. Intrigued by her no-nonsense & sprightly personality, Gu Jun Pyo eventually falls in love with her. On her special day today, we take a look at some of 4 of the most swoon-worthy moments between Ku Hye Sun & Lee Min Ho in lead roles.

1. The flying kick

Who can forget Geum Jan Di's iconic flying kick khổng lồ Gu Jun Pyo? That scene mix the stage for the classic 'enemies to lớn lovers' trope and Geum Jan Di and Gu Jun Pyo's future romance in the drama. In retrospect, it is funny và certainly an unforgettable moment.

2. The swing kiss

In a past interview, Lee Min Ho described this as one of his favourite scenes from 'Boys Over Flowers'. Gu Jun Pyo và Geum Jan Di giới thiệu a tender kiss as they sit on the swings, late in the night, trying khổng lồ find the direction in which their relationship is heading. The subtlety of the scene is what makes it so likeable.

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3. The winter romance moment

Romantic moments spent in solitude, in the warm company of your loved ones are easily some of the most beautiful and intimate moments you can share with your partner! In one of the scenes, the mean girls of the school trick Geum Jan Di into going out in the heavy blizzard lớn find her missing locket, Geum Jan Di runs out to retrieve the precious locket gifted lớn her by Gu Jun Pyo, not caring for the heavy snowfall. Unfortunately, she collapses in the snow & is eventually rescued by Gu Jun Pyo. The two seek refuge in a nearby cottage, where he warms her to lớn keep her alive. Angrily, Gu Jun Pyo demands khổng lồ know what made her vì such a stupid thing, she confesses that she couldn't thảm bại the locket gifted by him! Touched by her gesture, they cốt truyện a sweet and intimate kiss as it snows outside.

4. Geum Jan Di's chạy thử of love

In one of the most heart-wrenching scenes of the drama, Geum Jan Di puts everything on the line to prove her true love lớn Gu Jun Pyo, who loses his memory in a freak accident and forgets everything, including their relationship. Geum Jan Di deliberately falls into the swimming pool, hoping Gu Jun Pyo will save her and remember their past & in true K-drama style, that's exactly what happens! His memories come flooding back and he quickly embraces her in his arms!

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